Horses that fall down in the trailer

Written by admin on November 16th, 2010

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Horses prefer to be on an angleIn my E-book I tell the story of the mare I had in training for trailer loading.I would manage to load her using my Natural Horsemanship principles, but as soon as I closed the butt-bar she would throw herself against the divider. She would do this also while driving. After much experimenting, we decided to leave the divider at an angle and to use a long butt-bar. This immediately solved the problem. She willing stepped onto the trailer, we could close the bar and she stood quietly on the trailer all the way home.

Some horses will throw themselves against the wall or the divider while going through turns to the left or to the right. They feel as though they can’t keep their balance and this really frightens them. Up till now I have found that allowing them to stand on angle will fix this. This is the main reason for me to be an ambassador for slant loading :-)

Of course, you want to make sure the surface is not slippery!!! Last week a horse arrived at my place and it had fallen down. The surface of the bottom of the trailer was very smooth rubber, they had put straw on it and it had been raining and … the owner admitted, she had been going around turns to fast. Poor horse. Of course this was not somebody who had read my Ebook. She probably even never heard of Natural Horsemanship. There still a lot to be done, help me spread the information. Putting a link on your website or favourite forum would help me a lot getting more traffic. Also share my website or posts with your friends on facebook or twitter (or any other social media by using the link below this post). Thank you so much!!!

Make sure you read my free Ebook where you will learn a simple and effective way to load any horse in the trailer using Natural Horsemanship principles. After reading my Ebook, I am sure you will be interested in my Online Video Course ‘Trailer Loading with Eddy Modde’.

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  1. Joan says:

    Altho these techniques work very well, the handler’s patience is of the essence. The clock must not exist. If not today, there is always tomorrow.